Matt Baum

Currently, Matt IS the "team". He writes, he animates, he loves, he thrills. He makes delicious egg and bagel sandwiches.

As a child, his sense of humor evolved from fart jokes, to sarcasm, to biting British satire, to...well, fart jokes with sarcasm. He spent much of his time writing short stories and won many honors through elementary and high school for his stories, poetry, his portfolio as a whole and his spectacular sense of modesty.

In 2003, Matt earned a B.A. in Computer Science from Hamilton College, a good school with a good writing program. In 2006, Matt finished his M.S. in Computer Science at Florida Tech. Wondering what was next, Matt decided to return to his love of writing, using the computer skills he had developed to bring his stories and ideas to life in a larger venue: the internet. Now he lovingly spreads joy to others like a cholesterol-ridden fatty lovingly spreads mayonnaise on...everything.

Enjoy the site and feel free to hit me up with any suggestions. My number's on the bathroom wall.

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